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Lighting in the Hotel La Casa del Sol

Lighting In The Hotel La Casa Del Sol

The lighting in the Hotel La Casa del Sol is provided by prestigious companies that are experts in the art of illumination. Below you can find out more about a few of these top national and international companies that work with us to offer our guests the most comfortable and practical lighting at all times.

Vibia: a company whose concept of illumination is to create spaces through light and to be a source of inspiration for customers, architects and interior designers in their projects. At the Hotel La Casa del Sol are many different examples of lighting by this local Barcelona company such as the lights that hang in the patio, bar and dining room, the sun-shaped lamps in the lobby and on the terrace, and the lights that illuminate the terrace tables.

Artemide: this Italian company founded in 1960 specialises in modern, avant-garde lighting. It is considered one of the most prestigious companies in its sector and is synonymous with Italian lighting design and innovation.  Based in Pregnana Milanese, it is among the top companies in luxury home and professional lighting and its products are sold all over the world. You can find examples of Artemide’s exquisite creations at the reception desk and above the bar and the magazine stand.

Flos: this international company with more than fifty years’ experience in illumination provides our lighting in the gardens, ground floor lift, the buffet and in the bathrooms.

Lumina Italia: the bedside tables and writing desks in the bedrooms of the Hotel La Casa del Sol are lit by this Italian company set up in 1973 by Tommaso Cimini.

Cronek: this local company from Polinyà (Barcelona) supplies all the technical lighting in the hotel.

Pulpo: German craftwork in its purest form and home to some of the finest up-and- coming designers in Europe. The lights in the hall and fireplace have been created by this exceptional brand.

Gubi: The lamps in the stone bathrooms in the hotel basement are the work of this company, founded in 1976 by designer couple Lisbeth and Gubi Olsen.

Daisalux: This Spanish company specialises in the design, manufacturing and distribution of emergency lighting, and provides the hotel’s emergency and stair lighting.

Both the architectural project for the integral rehabilitation of the building and the interior design have been made by Inma Rabano and Julio Romeo

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