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    Maremagnum Shopping Centre at Port Vell

    This distinctive building rises out of the sea at one end of a wavy wooden bridge. Its mirrored walls and arched roof reflect the water surrounding it, giving it a shiny blue hue. We’re talking about Maremagnum, a 22,000-square-metre shopping centre that has been at the Port Vell Espanya wharf since 1995. It was created as part of the process to transform and take advantage of Barcelona’s coastline, which began in the late 1980s for the 1992 Olympic Games.

    The shops offer mainly fashion and accessories, and the space also features many restaurants with a variety of culinary options. It is the only shopping centre in Barcelona that opens 365 days a year, as it is in a popular tourist area. It sees 13 million visitors a year on average, mostly tourists.

    Initially Maremagnum was a recreational space, particularly for nightlife, with a cinema, restaurant, bars and discos. It later underwent a change in strategy, which also included a renovation adding a 700-metre skylight to increase the natural light in the space. In 2012, the upper floor, which was previously home to these night-time activities, was renovated for a food area known as “La terrassa”. You will also see people relaxing in the space around the building, on the wooden promenade, enjoying the sun and watching boats sail in and out of the harbour.

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