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The Vila de Gràcia Neighbourhood: Barcelona’s History and Culture

The Vila De Gràcia Neighbourhood: Barcelona’s History And Culture

Hotel La Casa del Sol is located in the Vila de Gràcia quarter of Barcelona, the third largest neighbourhood in the city in terms of inhabitants and one of the most important with regard to its history and culture.

Replete with facilities and educational, healthcare and social services, Gràcia offers its residents a fantastic quality of life in its 1.3 km2 of irregular urban surroundings. It is filled with narrow streets and sixteen public squares, many of which are emblematic for the citizens of the Catalan capital and have witnessed significant historic events.

This Barcelona neighbourhood has very good connections to the rest of the city through public transport, which has been promoted over private transport in this zone, resulting in a dramatic reduction of vehicles on its streets and helping to encourage the use of healthy alternatives, such as cycling.

There is a thriving local trade, including the two main food markets—Llibertat and Abaceria—which play an important role in the Gràcia neighbourhood. Other predominant industries and professions include restaurants and cafés, artisan crafts, design, illustration and all manner of cultural productions.

The streets are suffused with the history and culture that still reside in the façades of the buildings and other highly emblematic spaces.

The local residents appreciate being able to maintain the identity of a small town with a strong sense of social cohesion. Gràcia is a neighbourhood with a great cooperative tradition and has over 250 associations registered in the files of the Ajuntament de Barcelona, 38% of which are entirely dedicated to culture and have been intensively active for many years. Gràcia is without a doubt a cultural reference point, filling its public spaces with programmes that attract people from all over Spain and the rest of the world: the Festa Major (the Main Festival with wildly decorative streets), the Festa de Sant Medir (a street parade replicating an ancient pilgrimage on horseback or in decorated vehicles, from which 60 tons of sweets are thrown each year) and the Foguerons de Sa Pobla en Gràcia (a three-day festival originating from Majorca with typically Catalan cultural activities and parades). These festivals have taken root in the neighbourhood and captivate tourists visiting the beautiful city of Barcelona.

It is an honour to be able to share our passion for hotels with our clients by offering them the Hotel La Casa del Sol, which is situated in this authentic quarter of Barcelona, specifically at number 23, Plaza del Sol.

Plaça del Sol, barri de Gràcia

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